• My First Job in New Zealand
    My First Job On the 25th of April we celebrated 6 months in beautiful New Zealand. Our plan was to get the kids settled into their new schools and new lives before I started working. I was fortunate to find a job quite quickly and was due to start […]
  • Our Incredible Journey to NZ – #4 The Preparation
    To be honest, I was a bit slack writing this post because preparing is just not that interesting haha. I put hours of work into doing the first three long blog posts with proper detail but I think that I’m going to start doing MUCH shorter […]
  • Our Incredible Journey to New Zealand – #3 The Decision
    Crunch Time We had talked it over and over and over some more. What should we do? The decision in front of us was monumental, the biggest, most serious decision we had made to date. New Zealand or South Africa? In true analytical style I turned back […]
  • Our Incredible Journey to New Zealand – #2 The Analysis
    Analysis Paralysis In order to really process this concept of uprooting our entire family and moving, we needed to take a step back and analyse everything. What was working in our lives, what wasn’t and what we were doing on autopilot. It was […]
  • Our Incredible Journey to NZ – #1 The Seed
    Hello New Zealand! We’ve made the move to beautiful New Zealand peeps! Many people have asked me why.  Why did we emigrate? Why did we choose New Zealand? Why did hubby go before me? As the explanation is not a simple one that can be explained […]